Let There Be Lights! Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Many times when we think of kitchen lighting we remember the florescent lights of years ago. Remember the yellowish tinged lighting that was so bright? Or the light fixture that was right in the middle of the kitchen ceiling? Many times they were gold and had designs on the white glass globe.

A lot of things have changed with kitchen lighting over the years.

New trends in lighting that are both stylish yet functional give kitchens the high end designer personality that is hot right now. Chandeliers, pendant lights and recessed lighting are now the new normal. These kitchen lighting elements in your kitchen design can reflect your personality and highlight unique elements of your design.

Kitchen cabinets with glass doors and interior lighting have been around for awhile. However this element can effectively be used to showcase items for display. Beautiful china, glassware, glass art and colorful pieces chosen to pull in backsplash or countertop colors help give visual interest to your kitchen. The contrast of gorgeous white cabinets with a quartz countertop, lovely glass light cabinet doors with a pop of a strong color make the heart of your home come alive. Cabinet lighting gives you options of what visual piece you want to focus on and can change with the seasons.

Lighting for under the cabinets has gone from solid standbys of rope lights and florescent to new LED lights. These come in multiple designs from a focused puck light to LED strip lighting that reduces any “dead” spots in your lighting. Many of these choices depend on personal preference and color rendering desired to highlight your countertops and cabinets.

The trend of using LED lights in the kitchen is not only stylish but can be used in ways traditional bulbs have not been. These lights come in all styles and can be used in a myriad of ways such as ultrathin chandeliers, as part of an art piece or even under cabinet lighting.

Mini pendants in clusters are becoming very popular. Pendant lights over an island have been on trend for a long time but the use of multiple pendants together creates an interesting and even artistic look.

Love the glitz and glamour look? Then full on chandeliers may fit your styles. There are thousands of designs from traditional, modern, natural materials or glitz that can fit your personality.

The lighting in your kitchen is an important part of the design as all the other elements. Lighting can invoke a feel and mood for your kitchen. Have fun finding what fits best with your overall design and expresses your personality.

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