Are the Hottest Kitchen Design Trends Right for You?

Feb 1, 2018

We’ve seen a lot of kitchen design trends come and go over the years throughout Toledo.

Remember the gold and avocado trend of the ‘70s? Or the country style of the ‘80s with rooster borders on the walls? Retro kitchens that were an homage to the ‘50s made an appearance in the early 2000s. And don’t forget making your kitchen look like an Italian vineyard, an apple orchard or even a flower garden — with anything from Grandma’s pink peonies to Monet-inspired paintings.

And remember tiled countertops? They looked good, at least until the grout became dingy.

Some hot kitchen design trends eventually prove to be timeless. But is it worth jumping onto a design trend bandwagon? Probably not.

Trendy kitchen designs don’t work for everyone.

Take glass-fronted cabinets, for example. The look is is gorgeous. However, if you don’t have beautiful dishware to display — or if, like many of us, you’re not the neatest person — putting that disorganization on display may not be the best move.

And then there’s open shelving. Again, the look is beautiful. But unless you’re a highly organized minimalist and prefer a fairly neutral color palette of dishes, this long-running kitchen design trend could make you crazy.

Kitchen lighting also has its hot trends, but in the long run are you going to tire of the basket lights, the outrageously colored pendant lighting or the large metal lanterns over the island?

Does it make you feel at home?

Our advice is, as always: Make sure you love what you choose. You’re going to be living with it for a long time. Don’t pick a design just because it’s hot this year — that is, unless it really pulls at you and makes you feel at home.

That light fixture straight out of a magazine but that really doesn’t fit your personality? Ditch it for something comfortable and cozy. That aqua color that is really in right now, but you’re not sure it’s you? Just find a color that makes you feel warm and relaxed.

Kitchen design updates are a big investment of your time and money. Make sure it’s what you want to live with for quite a while, and make your Northwest Ohio home fit your own style.

Better Homes and Gardens compiled a pretty good list of 16 Kitchen Trends That Are Here To Stay. Check it out to see some timeless elements that might be right up your alley.

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