Joe Komon

Crafting Personalized Kitchen and Bathroom Experiences

Joe Komon is a highly experienced kitchen and bath designer at Kitchen Design Plus (KDP) in Toledo, Ohio, with a remarkable career spanning 24 years. Over this extensive period, Joe has completed more than 3,000 design projects, showcasing his dedication and expertise in transforming spaces. 

Joe’s journey into the field of kitchen design began in a countertop shop, where he initially managed operations and later transitioned into the front office to assist with purchasing. This role sparked his interest in design, leading him to step into the design area at another local countertop shop. His hands-on background in cabinet installation and repair has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the entire design process. 

Outside of his professional life, Joe enjoys watching sports and engaging in hands-on activities. If he could have dinner with anyone, it would be Ryan Reynolds, whose lively personality promises an entertaining evening. A trip to Hawaii is on Joe’s bucket list, reflecting his appreciation for beautiful and serene environments. One thing that instantly brightens his day is a happy customer, underscoring his commitment to client satisfaction. 

Joe’s approach to design is rooted in understanding his clients’ needs and visions. He begins by identifying what isn’t working in their current kitchen, especially during remodels, and strives to create solutions that improve functionality and aesthetic appeal. His memorable “Denmon’s project” exemplifies his philosophy, where open-minded clients allowed him to bring his creative ideas to life, resulting in a stunning and functional kitchen. 

Challenges are part of the job, and Joe has faced many. However, he believes that the true measure of success is a happy customer or at least one who understands the process and the outcomes. His favorite aspect of transforming kitchens is seeing the joy and satisfaction on his clients’ faces. 

When designing a new space, Joe first envisions what he would like to see done, balancing aesthetic appeal with functionality. He acknowledges that while making a kitchen functional is straightforward, adding the “bling factor” can be challenging, especially with budget constraints. Nevertheless, Joe has developed strategies to achieve stunning results within various budgets. 

Joe prioritizes material selection, colors, and finishes to create cohesive and harmonious designs. He starts by identifying his clients’ preferred colors, which helps narrow down cabinet options, followed by choosing a door style and finalizing cabinet placement. 

For those looking to renovate their kitchen, Joe’s advice is simple yet profound: choose a designer who listens to you and doesn’t push you into decisions you’re uncomfortable with. This client-centered approach ensures that each project reflects the unique preferences and needs of the homeowner. 

Joe Komon’s extensive experience, hands-on background, and client-focused approach make him a distinguished and trusted designer at Kitchen Design Plus, where he continues to transform kitchens into beautiful, functional spaces that delight his clients.