Kitchen Design Doesn’t Really Happen in an Hour

Feb 16, 2018

We all love watching the design shows on HGTV. They have terrific designers that work with people to help them realize their dream home. Homeowners get to see fabulous computer-aided design (CAD) models done on the computer to show them every single element of their new design.

A professional kitchen designer can help choose the best layout, materials, and appliances and make the whole process less stressful. The right designer can bring about a magical transformation and contribute greatly to your kitchen design remodel project.

With the touch of the keyboard, all the elements swirl in and give the homeowner a complete picture of their dream design. Watching the walls move, floors appear and cabinets pop up is fun. That’s why it makes a great design show. In an hour, dreams are designed, decorated and displayed. It looks absolutely gorgeous and painless.

Want to know a secret? It really isn’t as easy as it looks.

It takes more than 60 minutes to create a CAD model that accurately reflects a client’s vision for their space. Add to that research on which kitchen cabinets work with your design, colors, tiles, backsplash – you can see, there is a lot that goes into these designs. Many times revisions can occur based on what the homeowner sees is possible and what can work the best in their space to create their dream kitchen or bath.

When we help you imagine, create and transform your kitchen or bath, we spend countless hours on the design to perfectly interpret your ideas. It would be wonderful if we could instantly create a CAD model for you to see. We could – if we didn’t work with you closely to ensure this design will work perfectly for you and your needs.

Kitchen design and remodeling is a process – one that takes time, expertise and (we think) a little magic. We don’t generate generic designs. You don’t want that and that isn’t what we’re about.

When we create your dream, we create it specifically for you. No one wants a cookie cutter design. You’ve saved to create the perfect heart of your home or spa oasis. We want to help you realize that dream. So while it may take longer than an hour, it will be exactly as you envisioned it – or even better.

So sit back and enjoy HGTV. We can help make your dreams a reality. It will just take a little longer than an hour.

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