Mary Sines

Crafting Personalized Kitchen and Bathroom Experiences

Hello, I’m Mary Sines, a seasoned designer at Kitchen Design Plus, where we turn kitchen and bathroom dreams into reality. With a background in both Interior and Graphic Design, I bring a unique blend of creativity and functionality to every project. 

Mary Sines

Mary Sines
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Education and Expertise:

I spent my college years earning dual degrees in Interior Design and Graphic Design, setting the foundation for a career that has spanned over 24 years. Having worked on hundreds of design projects, I’ve honed my skills to create spaces that seamlessly marry style and practicality.

Beyond Design:

When I’m not immersed in the world of layouts and color palettes, you’ll find me with my nose in a book. My taste in literature is diverse, much like my design style, and my favorite book changes with my mood. Outside of my literary adventures, I’m passionate about fostering dogs and have two furry friends of my own. Recently, I’ve rediscovered my love for painting, allowing me to express my creativity in a different form.

Inspirations and Aspirations:

Eleanor Roosevelt has long been a source of inspiration for me. Her leadership and humanitarianism resonate deeply, and if I could have dinner with anyone, it would undoubtedly be her. One of her quotes, “One of the best ways of enslaving a people is to keep them from education,” has stayed with me, emphasizing the importance of knowledge and enlightenment.

Dreams and Goals:

On my bucket list is a trip to the Netherlands during spring. I dream of wandering through the tulip fields, captivated by the burst of colors—a visual feast for someone who appreciates aesthetics in all its forms.

Design Philosophy:

My journey into kitchen design began with a desire to enhance my mother’s small and non-functional kitchen. This early passion evolved into a career focused on bringing out homeowners’ personalities while ensuring functional storage and safety.

Collaboration is Key:

Working closely with clients is at the heart of my approach. I ask out-of-the-norm questions to understand their vision, incorporating personal touches into the design. Sharing Pinterest and Houzz links helps bridge the gap between words and visual preferences.

Balancing Act: 

Balancing aesthetic appeal with functionality is a crucial aspect of my work. By understanding the client’s lifestyle, family dynamics, and entertaining habits, I create designs that not only look good but also work seamlessly in their daily lives. 

Advice for Renovation: 

For those considering a renovation, my advice is to find a designer and contractor you connect with on a personal level. The journey of transforming your home can be extensive, and having a team you mesh well with is key to a successful and stress-free experience.