Pat McKimmy

Crafting Personalized Kitchen and Bathroom Experiences

Pat McKimmy is a seasoned professional in the realm of kitchen and bath design, boasting four decades of experience crafting stunning spaces. Graduating from the National Kitchen and Bath School with the prestigious title of CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer), Pat’s expertise shines through in every project undertaken at Kitchen Designs Plus in Toledo, Ohio. 

Having lent his skills to over 2000 design projects, Pat’s passion for creating exquisite interiors is unparalleled. His journey into the world of design began early, growing up within the family owned business at Kitchen Designs Plus since the age of 13, contributing to its legacy spanning over 65 years. 

Outside of work, Pat finds solace in the great outdoors, whether it’s perfecting his golf swing, carving down ski slopes, or exploring new destinations with his family. When asked about his dream dinner companions, Pat’s response reflects his admiration for historical figures, citing Abraham Lincoln alongside a nod to Jesus. 

With golfing expeditions to Pebble Beach and Saint Andrews on his bucket list, Pat’s zest for life translates seamlessly into his design approach. He finds joy in the simple moments, with nothing brightening his day more than the presence of his beloved wife, children, and furry friend, Chubbs the cat. 

Pat’s design philosophy revolves around understanding his clients’ visions intimately, weaving personal touches into every detail. Through thorough interviews, review of inspirational images, and wish lists, he collaborates closely with clients to bring their dreams to life. 

One of his most memorable projects, situated in Islamorada within the Florida Keys, stands as a testament to his design prowess. Providing over $400,000 worth of cabinetry for a $10 million project, the resulting house sold for over $20 million, showcasing Pat’s ability to elevate spaces to extraordinary heights. 

Even in the face of challenges, Pat remains unfazed, relying on collaboration and ingenuity to overcome obstacles. He understands that every kitchen presents its unique set of hurdles, finding solutions through dialogue with fellow industry professionals. 

In essence, Pat McKimmy’s journey is one defined by dedication, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to transforming houses into homes, one impeccable design at a time. 

Pat McKimmy

Pat McKimmy

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