What’s New in Kitchen Technology

Mar 9, 2018

Remember when we thought The Jetsons was kind of out there with their robot sweeper? Hello Roomba! Now nothing seems impossible. Just let your imagination soar with all the new gadgets, design elements and frankly some cool toys to consider for your new kitchen.

A Smart Scale

The Drop is a smart scale that means you won’t have to use measuring cups ever again. This smart scale has its own app and takes you step by step through recipes. They range from main meals to desserts. And all you have to do is put your mixing bowl on the scale – the app will tell you when you’ve added enough of the ingredients. No more washing measuring cups, if you can even find the correct one.

Smart Fry Pan

Do you ever burn the eggs? Char the outside of your burgers yet they’re raw inside? Turn up the heat too high and splatter grease all over the stove? Well now you don’t have to worry – there is Pantelligent, the smart fry pan. It has a temperature sensor inside that talks to their app. The app monitors the temperature, tell you when to flip, stir, add ingredients and adjust the heat on your stove. It also tells you when your food is done. And if that isn’t easy enough, you can get their autopilot accessory and it does all the cooking automatically. If it then washed the pan it would be perfect!

Stove On Alert

Do you ever leave the house and wonder if you left the stove on? Even gone to bed and ran downstairs in a panic thinking you left the stove on? Well now they have an app for that (of course!). Wallflower is a smart monitor for electric stoves. The gas stove app is coming soon. Simply plug the Wallflower in, plug your stove into it, download the app and you’ve got a brand new safety device for you home. Notifications will come to your smart phone if the stove has been on longer than usual. You’ll never have to worry about leaving the stove on again.

Sous Vide Cooking

This is said to be the next generation in cooking. Sous Vide cooking is a technique used in restaurants for years. It is the technique of vacuum sealing food – steak, chicken, fish, veggies – then cooking at an exact temperature in a water bath for perfection. The food retains all of its flavors and tenderness – unlike any other method. Sous Vide cooker are now becoming available for the home market.

Smart Trash Can

This one is pretty wild. GeniCan is a smart trash can. When you throw something away, you simply run the barcode past the scanner. The app – which is associated with Amazon Dash – will keep a running list for you of things you need to replace. No barcode? That’s easy. It has voice recognition that will ask you what item you want to add to your shopping list. Now if only it took the garbage out also.

So many new items come out all the time. We’ll keep you informed on all the choices. Even if you’re not interested in them, they are fun to read about!

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