Bathroom Gadgets & New Technology

Mar 23, 2018

You usually wouldn’t think of technology and bathroom in the same sentence. Technology in the bathroom used to be when landline phones were installed next to the toilet. Then TVs first made their appearance in bathrooms and were mounted on the wall, taking up precious space. Well be prepared to rethink bathroom gadgets in some pretty amazing ways.

Here’s a list of 5 hot trends right now:

Hot Towel Drawer
Imagine getting out of your shower and reaching into a drawer to pull out a perfectly warmed towel to wrap around yourself. How amazing would that be? These drawers also store your towels and only heat when needed. It would feel like a spa every day.

Shower TV
If you hate to miss a minute of the morning news as you get ready, relax. Now you can watch TV in the shower. These waterproof TVs are embedded in the shower wall inside of a mirror and even have a remote. You don’t have to worry about getting electrocuted, always a plus. And then when you get out of the shower you can pop over to this –

Vanity Mirror TV
Slim TVs are now being installed in vanity cabinets – or what used to be called medicine cabinets. These are embedded into the mirror and “disappear” when you’re not watching it. The best part is they are so slim, you still have shelving inside the cabinet. They are a lot more beautiful and serve as a key decorative part of your space.

TOTO Toilets
TOTO Toilets have luxury features such as automatic opening and closing of the lid, heated seat, automatic flushing and bowl cleaning, a nightlight and even a remote control. We’re not quite sure why you need a remote control but toilets are no longer just a necessity but now are a luxury.

Chromotherapy Tub or Shower
We’ve heard of aromatherapy but this is chromotherapy – or light therapy- for your tub or shower. LED bulbs are installed in the tub or shower and cycle through colors to relax or energize you, depending on your mood. Turquoise or purple are suggested for relaxation, yellow and orange for creativity. Need some balance? Green is your choice and white is for clarification and cleansing. It would be fun to have a relaxing light show while you shower.

Technology is always evolving. There are so many ideas to create your perfect spa space in your new bath. Let’s talk about what your ideal retreat would look like – and we can find the perfect technology to integrate into it.

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