What Type of Cabinets Are Best for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Mar 16, 2018

When remodeling or building, new cabinets take up a big chunk of the kitchen budget. There’s such a wide variety of styles and finishes, homeowners often aren’t sure what to choose. Customers need a starting point for making their selection, considering the style of the rest of their home and choosing kitchen cabinets that are complementary. Beyond the style, homeowners should compare the construction of different cabinet models, address accessories, built-in spice racks to improve functionality, and choose hardware that gives the kitchen a customized look.

Initial Decisions

When you decide to get new cabinets, examine your kitchen’s existing cabinetry. What condition is it in and how does the layout function? This can give insight into what to get next, what to avoid, and what styles to look for. Next, consider the construction of the new cabinets. Will stock cabinets fit the space or will custom-built be required? Custom built at the factory or on-site? These decisions play a large part in calculating the final costs and timelines.

Construction and Style

You should carefully examine the new cabinetry’s construction and style. Doors come in three styles: traditional overlay, full overlay, and inset. Popular in traditional kitchens, framed cabinets have the first type of doors attached to a frame. Contemporary kitchens, popular in Europe, use full-overlay or inset doors that attach to the cabinet’s inner edge. The lack of a frame provides open access to the storage space without a lip on the edge.


Next consider function and interior features. At one time, homeowners had to make cabinetry work in their space. Today, function drives the cabinet design, allowing for more freedom to customize. You can choose special drawers for pots and pans, over-sized drawers for large baking sheets, and spaces set aside only for waste and recycling containers. Accessorize your kitchen with a lazy Susan, drawer organization systems, and built-in spice racks. These features and design options can make the space more efficient.


The final consideration lies in the hardware. Pulls, knobs, and handles stand out on cabinetry, so make sure your selection compliments the space. With a variety of styles and price points to choose from, your cabinet hardware can accent your kitchen with the perfect look and style.

As cabinets dominate any kitchen remodel budget, carefully consider what it is you want from the space, how you want it to look and function, and what you don’t want in your new kitchen.

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