The Five Most Important Aspects to Consider in Your Bathroom Design

May 4, 2018

It sounds simple. You want a new or remodeled bathroom. You know you want a soaking tub, a huge shower with a rainfall faucet, a water closet and a double vanity. Pretty easy right? It is until you consider all the bathroom design options available and the best functionality for you and your family. Bathrooms can be small in square footage compared to the rest of your home but they also serve a vital everyday purpose.

How much room do you have for your new bathroom?
You may want all the elements mentioned before, but how much actual square footage do you have? Most people can’t look at a space and image how to lay it out. Our professional designers can. It is important to know what the footprint of your bath is to determine the most effect use of space for your desired elements. This is the first step of any bath redesign. Professional designers can establish the best use of space and work with you on the design to fit in the features you want.

Functionality is important. Is this a master suite bathroom, main bathroom for the rest of the home or a guest bath? Once you determine exactly who will use it, now focus on how they will use it. Certain features may be gorgeous but not practical. For instance, a glass enclosed shower can be stunning, but may be hard to maintain with small children and fingerprints. Even the knobs and handles on the vanity and doors can be beautiful, but not as easy to open for someone with arthritis issues.

The old saying, you can never have enough storage, is very true. Determining your storage needs is also tied to the functionality question. If this is a master suite, will it tie into the master closet? What needs to be stored in the actual bath? A storage closet may work fine for some, open shelving may be perfect for another but it really depends on your needs. Determine what you want to store in the bath and your designer can then determine space requirements in your layout.

What do you envision your bath feeling like? Cool and crisp, like tiles and natural stone? Cozy and comfortable like wood or bamboo? There are so many different materials to use. It’s important to look at the new materials available and work with our designers to accommodate your taste and comfort. Bathrooms are no longer paneled and painted for necessity. There are many luxurious materials to fit your style.

Lighting and Mirrors
Lighting sets the whole mood of room. Especially in spa retreat bathrooms , varied lighting illumination can give a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. In the vanity areas, or “work” areas, specially designed lighting can give the perfect illumination for make up application, shaving or hair styling.

Having the perfect mirror to see your reflection is key. Mirrors are a necessity but can also be tied into your design and even be a piece of art. Lighting and mirrors go hand in hand in creating mood, as well as serving function, for your bath.

It may seem a bit overwhelming to think about all the choices for your new bath design. That’s why it’s important to have our professional designers work with you to find the best possible functionality and design that fits your needs and style.

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