Contemporary Kitchen Design Elements That Will Make Your Kitchen Pop

Apr 20, 2018

Contemporary kitchen design elements complement modern automation features to give your home a futuristic feel that will stand the test of time. With minimalist cabinets, silvery appliances, and neutral color tones, contemporary kitchens depict a certain sophistication that other designs simply lack. The essence of contemporary kitchen design is its balanced mixture of several design styles, including modern, traditional, and industrial. Blended together in perfect unity, these styles embody a polished, timeless look.

Focus on the following elements of contemporary kitchen design in order transform your space, and add elegance and beauty to your home.

Full Overlay Kitchen Cabinets
Cabinets are instrumental in establishing the design of a kitchen. Full overlay cabinets have little to no visible door frame, which makes the format seem smooth and flawless. There are two signature contemporary cabinet door styles known as slab front and shaker-style, which both feature simplistic lines.

Horizontal Lines
At the center of a contemporary design is a distinct concentration on linear parallelism and harmonization. This is why you’ll notice horizontal lines in various elements of a contemporary kitchen style, including flooring, the arrangement of counters and shelves, and in tile accents and backsplash.

Geometric Shapes
One significant aspect of contemporary kitchen designs is the incorporation of geometric figures as essential accents. You will typically find a wide variety of different crescents, spheres, rectangles, triangles, boxes, diamonds, spheroids, and other geometric figures in a number of different components. These include lighting outlets, counters, wall decorations, windows, and other types of furnishings.

Polished Appliances
Stainless steel commercial appliances have a sleek, industrial appearance, allowing them to complement the glistening and minimalist style of a contemporary kitchen. Many appliances also feature polished curved or embowed vent hoods, which enhances the kitchen with subtle geometric accents. Other appliances such as ovens, stoves, and dishwashers contain sleek control boards and lighting structures to heighten the kitchen’s modern layout.

Natural Components
Several contemporary kitchen designs blend components observed in nature, including wood, stone, and glass. Wood floors and cabinets, granite countertops, glass cabinet inserts, shelving, tempered glass counters, and lighting fixtures are all used to heighten the organic ambiance of a contemporary kitchen.

Simplistic and Refined Hardware
When incorporating hardware to complement a contemporary kitchen design, always go with styles that are simple and refined, rather than flashy or elaborate. Bar-shaped forms of hardware, such as cabinet handles are the most common selection. While finishes may differ, many people choose stainless steel, nickel, and chrome.

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