The Kitchen Backsplash Isn’t Just for Splashes Anymore

Apr 16, 2018

For many years the kitchen backsplash was simply something put on the wall at the edge of the countertop to catch grease or food splashes to protect the paint. Well we’ve come a long way baby in backsplash design!

The choice of the backsplash is an integral part of kitchen remodeling. It not only serves as a wall protector but can be art and the focal point that ties everything together. It can be subdued in muted colors, a statement color or pattern and many stages in between. It can also be an overwhelming choice that you will be tied to for awhile. That’s where we can come in to help you explore all the choices based on your preferences, lifestyle and comfort.

Below are some of the hot trends in kitchen backsplashes for 2018. Check them out.

Take it to the Ceiling

No longer are backsplashes stopped at the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Many new designs are showing them tiled all the way to the ceiling. These can make the kitchen look larger and gives a textured feel to the whole wall. This trend has some legs to it as it is showing up more and tiles are a traditional backsplash material. Ceiling height though gives the look more drama and on trend.

Mirrored and Metallic Finishes

These two finishes are seeing more popularity as a subtle way to give more light and texture.
Mirrored finished tiles can play with lighting and drama. Natural light during the day will reflect off of them giving a brighter feel to the kitchen. Looking for a little drama? Strategically placed lights will reflect off of the mirrored tiles at night to create a more dramatic mood.
Nothing can add to the industrial feel of a kitchen design like metallic finish tiles. You can choose color and texture, just as with real metals. Drama can be added by extending the tiles to ceiling height and lighting can be a key design element in giving a “strong” feel to your kitchen.

Patterns and Patterns

The traditional placement of subway tiles has been popular for a reason. Whether in glass or a multitude of materials, they have a clean and modern look. Now though more designs are showing patterns in the arrangement of tiles and in patterned tiles.
Single color tiles can be places in a multitude of patterns. Chevron design has grown in popularity as well as Herringbone. As with any design element, it’s important to make sure the pattern doesn’t overwhelm and take over the kitchen.
Patterned tiles in bold colors are also on trend. These tiles can be in graphic print or traditional styles such as Moroccan, florals and more. Patterns can add drama and a pop of color and focal point.

Stone Slabs

Instead of individual tiles, stone slabs of granite and quartz are being mounted as backsplashes. The effect is beautiful and each slab has unique veining and design. Stone adds a richness, calmness and cooling feel to the kitchen. Stone slabs can be simply stunning as a walled backsplash.

Alternate Materials

Believe it or not, reclaimed wood has made a climb in kitchen design. This popular look in many homes and kitchens has now come to backsplashes. Specially treated reclaimed wood can be cleanable and waterproof and give that rustic feel to your kitchen.
Have you seen backsplashes made of pennies or coffee beans? Or how about the ones made of fabric covered in glass? These unusual kitchen backsplashes are trending because they are so unique that you won’t see many of them. They are custom designed and installed to create that one-of-a-kind feel to the kitchen.

Picking the perfect kitchen backsplash is as important as cabinets and countertops. All of them tie together to create the mood and feel of the heart of your home. Let’s take a look at all the choices and designs to make sure you get the perfect fit and reflection of your new kitchen.

Need more ideas for your new kitchen backsplash?

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