Why Every Woman Needs a Lady Cave

Apr 4, 2018

Man caves have been all the rage for years now and why not? Who doesn’t want an area of the house set aside as a retreat from the outside world?

Enter the lady cave.

Men shouldn’t be the only ones with rooms solely dedicated to their needs. With the popularity of Pinterest, many women have begun creating their own lady caves for in-home retreats.

Why a Lady Cave?

Why not?

In the spirit of equality and glass-ceiling destruction, lady caves should be just as popular as their man cave counterparts!

Quiet Recharge
Many women, especially mothers, desire a quiet place of relaxation. Hearing toddlers scream for hours on end can be trying, even on those with the patience of Mother Teresa. Create a lady cave for a quiet room without bosses shouting demands, children screaming, or noisy cartoons.
If you have the space available, try to make that cave as far away from distractions as possible!

Functional Work Space
Those of us with hobbies are often irritated when our loved ones touch our supplies or borrow scissors and never put them back where they belong. One of the biggest benefits for those with hobbies is the functionality of having a separate space. Hobby ideas are endless. They may include crafting, reading, painting, sculpture, surfing the internet, yoga, or martial arts. The point is, the space will be yours, without interruption or missing equipment.

No-Compromise Décor
This may be the most important factor for some married women. Marriage inevitably leads to compromise, which is why many married women must live with hideous before-marriage husband décor.
Creating a lady cave will guarantee that the space is all yours, free from decorating compromise. Those old Air Supply posters and Mandala Tapestries? They now have a home.
Above all, make sure your lady cave is comfortable. If you are on a limited budget for decorating, repurposing furniture or buying secondhand can help offset the cost. Buy a big, fluffy chair or meditation cushion with only your needs in mind. The environment must be welcoming, express your personality, and make you feel recharged.

Place a Ban on Certain Items
The lady cave is a retreat, meant for time away from duties and responsibilities. Unless it is necessary, don’t use your space for paying bills or fighting with your husband. Think of it as a sacred, happy place. That may sound corny, but your body will react calmly when you enter the environment exclusively for relaxation.

Ready to get started on your very own lady cave?

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