What are the Hottest Trends in Bathroom Design?

May 21, 2018

Renovating your bathroom is a big decision and the design is not only based on functionality but your personal taste and preferences. Do you see your bath as a place to relax after a long day? Do you like more spa-like luxuries? Or do you like sleek design, clean lines and the latest technology?

Take the time to really talk through your preferences and lifestyle with one of our designers. We can help you find the perfect blend for your needs. There are some hot trends for bathroom design in 2018. Let’s see if any of them fit with your vision for your personal space.

What is Greige? Your new neutral color
Greige is a hot buzzword for 2018. It is a term used for the perfect neutral color. Think of how beige has been used for years. Beige tends to give a yellow undertone and gives a warm feel. Grey has been popular in recent years but can give a cold and sterile feel. Greige is the perfect blend of both. Neutral tones are hot this year and that leads to the next trend.

Organic Bathroom Design
The blending of natural earth elements is showing up in many designs. The use of vintage fixtures, reclaimed wood flooring, plants and leaf patterned wall paper can make the homeowner feel as if they are bringing the outdoors inside. Natural stone is also being used with wood and even brick decorative elements. Organic elements can bring a sense of relaxation and feel more natural and back to basics. But the next trend is anything but basic.

High Tech Toilets
We discussed high tech toilets in a previous blog (insert hyperlink) and the trend is really hitting in 2018. What has always been a necessity in the bathroom has now gone very high tech. Your toilet can have an automatic open and close feature – imagine all of the arguments that could prevent. Bidets have been featured in toilets for awhile but now there are automatic blow dyers – not what you think of when we say blow dryers. Deodorizers are also popular as well as nightlights and even music. Yes, you can have your favorite music or nature sounds play as you go.

Gold and Brass Fixtures
Believe it or not, they’ve made a big comeback. The right tones of gold give a wonderful accent to grey tones. The warmth of the gold mixed with the cool greys has become more popular. The fixtures now come in not just the shiny tones we think of from the 1980s but matte and even with a more industrial finish. This trend seems to be building and is predicted to continue and also emerge in kitchen design.

Bold Wallpaper
We all remember the wallpaper craze for years that ranged rom flowers, to borders to the country infusion. Wallpaper now though is being used as an accent rather than the whole room. Geometric shapes in bold colors are being used for the more modern and artistic feel. As mentioned before, natural designs such as leaves or textures are seen in the organic designs. The new but old trend is emerging strongly this year.

Trends do come and go. But your design style has to stay with you for awhile. Make choices that you will enjoy in your bath and reflect your needs and preferences. Our design team can help you design the bath that reflects your trend and style.

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